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Make your school accessible all the time & everywhere.
Hoollaa!Hub is an educational portal that gives your school access to tons of academic resources and helps busy parents to quickly keep up with their kids' schooling from anywhere.
Teacher-Student Chat

Hub encourages two-way communication between teacher and student beyond the classroom.

Students can ask teachers questions and teachers can reply with answers conversation-style.

Curate a School Library

Hub comes pre-loaded with interactive resources for kids to learn a wide range of subjects ranging from Maths to Science to Economics and World History.

In addition to these, you can curate an online school library with your own e-books and videos. Adding learning resources to Hub is easy and fun!

Syllabuses, Timetables, Homework & Reports

Academic syllabuses, class timetables and homework are always available and easily accessible so that students are always kept up-to-date with academic work.

Hub also makes it easy to prepare academic reports and monitor students' academic progress.

Class Attendance Management
Teachers can keep a daily record of students' school attendance just like they do with a regular paper attendance sheet, only better. Hub shows you each students' attendance record throughout each term at a glance.
One-click Students & Teacher Designations
Assign students and teachers to new classes in a single step. Teachers can also be re-assigned to new subjects while students are automatically enrolled into subjects for each new class.
Send Newsletters & Private Mails
Compose newsletters or send private emails with Hub. When done drafting a letter, send with confidence knowing your mail will be delivered by a globally trusted mail delivery system.
Make learning fun in your school with Hub for only
per student per academic term

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